Proton unveils new hi-tech engine assembly line in Tanjung Malim


TANJUNG MALIM: National carmaker Proton Holdings Bhd has unveiled its new hi-tech engine assembly line that is capable to produce the 1.5 turbo gasoline direct injection (TGDi) engines for the local and export markets.

Located at Proton Tanjung Malim’s engine and powertrain facility and part of the RM1.8 billion earmarked by Proton to upgrade its facilities at Tanjung Malim, Perak, the assembly line covers an area of 18,000 square metres and has a current maximum capacity of 180,000 engines when running on three shifts.

Deputy chief executive officer Roslan Abdullah said the new engine assembly line showcased the company’s commitment in keeping its promises to its stakeholders.

"When the agreement was made to partner with Geely (Zhejiang Geely Holding Group Co Ltd) in 2017, one of our commitments was to invest in Malaysia’s automotive industry both financially and through the introduction of new high technology components.

"The new assembly line does this while also giving Proton an avenue to attract and develop young talents who will help drive the automotive industry and the company into the future,” he told reporters during the plant visit here today.

Roslan said quality is the main priority at the new engine assembly line.

"We know we need to show Malaysians that Proton is capable of building reliable high-quality products, so we have left nothing to chance.




"Aside from the quality monitoring measures deployed on the assembly line, we also work closely with our counterparts at Geely to troubleshoot issues and share best practices in our efforts to produce a world-class engine,” he added.

Meanwhile, deputy head manufacturing engineering, powertrain (Proton) Mohamad Karim Mansor said the 1.5 TGDi plant is currently running at 47 per cent automation rate, matching some of the operations of Geely’s Baoji plant in China, which is fully automated on all its production lines.

"The hi-tech engine assembly line here is designed to be able to produce up to 300,000 units (engine) a year, when the time comes,” he added.

Featuring 88 stations comprised of 17 automatic, 15 semi-automatic and 56 manual stations, the 1.5 TGDi assembly line was built using an industrial revolution 4.0 (IR 4.0) ethos featuring a high level of automation to boost productivity.

The plant also deploys internet of things (IoT) technology in the shape of intensive data capture and analysis tools to ensure quality meets the standards required.

The three-cylinder 1.5 TGDi and its variants have thus far been used in over 750,000 vehicles sold globally.

Utilising solutions such as engine downsizing, optimised thermal and lubrication systems, low inertia turbocharger and homogenised GDi, the engine pairs performance with reduced fuel consumption and emissions and is capable of meeting Euro 6 requirements. - Bernama

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